Healthy Families Begin With Me


Program Overview

Healthy Families Begin With Me is purposed to positively influence behavior and lifestyle through health and nutrition education. This model is designed to interrelate medical intervention efforts, including preventive and primary care, with nutritional assistance education and provisional programs.  Our 10-module program includes family education and interactive learning. Each module will address: [1] Health & Wellness Education; [2] Nutrition Education; and [3] Nutrition Interactive Learning. The programmatic elements of this innovative approach include:

  1. Health and Wellness Education aimed to promote health and address chronic diseases that are preventable and controllable through proper and adequate nutrition
  2. Health Assessments & Biometric Screenings that include: blood pressure; blood sugar (HBA1c); cholesterol and triglycerides
  3. Nutrition Education based on U.S. governmental guidelines and recommendations
  4. Interactive Nutrition Learning that encourages participation in food preparation and awareness of alternative food choices
  5. Fitness & Active Living
  6. Connection to Healthcare Services and Providers to ensure that participants obtain healthcare insurance and gain a medical home
  7. Health & Wellness Counseling and Personal Care Plan Development that encourages participants to actively engage in healthy lifestyle behaviors while under case management to mitigate barriers of healthcare access and psychosocial challenges


Health & Wellness Nutrition
Module I Understanding Your Health I My Plate/What’s Your Plan & 3-Day Food Record
Module II Understanding Your Health II 3-Day Food Record & Track Your Snacks
Module III Wellness & Good Nutrition Build Healthy Meals & Food Labels
Module IV Heart Disease & HBP Eating Heart Healthy
Module V Diabetes & Wellness Eating With Diabetes
Module VI Asthma-Prevention & Management Alternative Food Choices
Module VII Personal Care Plan Development Get Active
Module VIII Calorie Counting, Diets & Dieting Balance Your Calories
Module IX Food Poisoning & Allergies Food Safety
Module X Stretching Your Food Dollar Technology Aids For Managing Your Food Dollars